Zealium Coin

Masternode. Darksend. Environmentally Friendly Proof Of Stake Cryptocurrency. Made In NZ.

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    Coin Specifications

    Name: Zealium

    Ticker: NZL

    Algorithm: POS

    Total Coins: 80,000,000

    Total Premine: 1,000,000 [1.25%]

    Block Rewards:

    Block 0001 -1001 [1 Million Pre Mine, POW Ended Here].

    block 1002-500000 - MN 10 / STAKE 4 / GOV 1

    block 500001-1000000 - MN 7,5 / STAKE 3 / GOV FUND 0,75

    block 1000001-1500000 - MN 5 / STAKE 2 / GOV FUND 0,5

    block 1500001-Infinity - MN 2,5 / STAKE 1 / GOV FUND 0,25

    MN Collateral 4,000 NZL

    Staking Maturity: 6 Hrs

    Block Time: 60 sec

    Road Map

    Q1 2018: Create Zealium DONE
    Complete Whitepaper- DONE
    Create Block Explorer DONE
    Complete Roadmap On going
    Launch Discord Forum- DONE
    Launch Twitter- DONE
    Launch Facebook- DONE
    Create Website- DONE

    Q2 2018: Launch Zealium
    Launch ICO DONE
    Exchange Listing DONE
    Celebrate with Airdrop/s DONE
    List Coin On Dice-Age.com DONE
    List On Masternodes Online DONE
    Begin Community Involvment STARTED
    Add To Dev Team DONE On going
    Donate A Charity Masternode
    Integrate With Local Platform Traders DONE On going
    Integrate With Local Metal Recycling Company DONE
    Update Roadmap - From Potential Community Input
    Start Charity Masternodes DONE 1 of 2

    Q3 2018: 1st Official Progress Report
    Continue Approaching local NZ Trading Companies
    More Exchange Listing
    List On Delta & Blockfolio DONE
    Begin POS Web Wallet Development Under construction
    Charity Masternode Voting/Selection

    Q4 2018: Hire Public Speaker
    Promote Crytpocurrency and POS technology adaption
    Zealium Real World Use Case Competition (bounty)
    Android Wallet Development
    Make Promo Videos (bounty)
    Contact Charity Masternode Winners

    Q1 2019: Release Charity Masternodes And Earnings To Winners
    Update On Online POS Wallet Progress
    Add Zealium To Current New Zealand ATM Machines
    Purchase 1 Bitcoin/Zealium ATM Machine

    Q2 2019: Install Bitcoin/Zealium ATM Machine
    Begin Development Of Crypto Currencey Auction Site

    03 2019: To Be Announced

    Any Questions Please Ask.
    Thank you for your time, your trust, your Input. Finest Of Futures,

    The Zealium Team


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    Masternode Stats

    Masternode Stats

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